Laura Morris, PT, NCS

I love to teach, and feel that it is important to do what you love. I am interested in the growing body of science in the area, as well as the emerging clinical practice that follows. It is not an easy topic, but as growing clinicians, we must continue to wrestle with challenging cases in order to become better therapists.

Expertise in treating complex traumatic brain injury and over 25 years of experience in the management of adults with neurologic disorders -Laura Morris, PT, NCS

Continuing education course instructor for North American Seminars


North American Seminars PTA, OT, COTA, PT continuing Education Courses

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Laura Morris, PT, NCS is a physical therapist and lecturer with over 25 years of experience in the management of adults with neurologic disorders. Her clinical work focuses on vestibular disorders and mild traumatic brain injury at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in the Chicago area. She is the Director of Communications for the Academy of Neurologic PT of the APTA. She teaches continuing education in concussion and vestibular rehabilitation both nationally and internationally. Her experience includes inpatient and outpatient care, clinical research and program development, including the launch of the fourth credentialed Neurologic PT Residency Program in Pittsburgh. Clinical practice also included vestibular and concussion rehabilitation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Mild Brain Injury Program in Baltimore, Maryland and neurologic private practice in Alexandria, Virginia. She was re-credentialed for her Neurologic Clinical Specialist in 2013. She has been involved in the Academy of Neurologic PT and the Vestibular special interest group, primarily in positions involving website support. In 2005 she received the Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology by the Neurology Section of the APTA, and in 2015 received the Service Award from the Vestibular Special Interest Group. Her contributions to the literature include book chapters and journal articles in the area of vestibular disorders and mild brain injury rehabilitation