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At North American Seminars, teaching medical education through live and online continuing education courses is both financially rewarding and enjoyable. And we are growing! As a result we want to add to our team of first-class medical professionals. Our goal is to hire educators who are experts and leaders in their field, who are able to teach with excellence, and who are able to communicate effectively and respectfully within our team.

Below are the qualifications we believe will enable us to achieve this goal:

Qualifications for Live and Online Course Educators

Do these describe you? If so, please read on

  • A minimum of seven to ten years of experience as a licensed medical professional
  • A minimum of seven to ten years of clinical experience
  • Knowledge and experience with evidence-based course content
  • Expertise in a specialty or topic that fits our profile, which will be determined in the interview process
  • Published content or evidence-based clinical trials - preferred but not required
  • Excellent communication skills which meet our standards - will be determined during our interview process
  • A positive attitude, with a desire to help others in their profession deliver the highest quality patient care
  • A desire to travel - for live course educators
  • A sense of humor
  • Confidence, not arrogance - shares expertise with humility

More About Us..

Have you noticed lately that all business categories (i.e., consumer products, electronics, fast food, computers, etc.) have become commoditized? As a result each of us has more difficulty getting individualized attention in a world that is moving so fast.

North American Seminars is unique and very different from other CE Providers

We are a team of engineers and healthcare professionals who have remained relevant through our state-of-the-art and up-to-date technology as well as our focus on the unique abilities of our educators. Our approach is 180 degrees opposite of those of other CME organizations. For example, we design a marketing strategy that highlights and promotes your expertise. This requires skill and talent and is much more involved than merely posting on a website or sending out a mass email.

What is unique about us is that:

We want the patient population to receive the best care from their medical team

With this in mind we want the medical professional to get the best training in the most ideal environment. Our goal is to deliver the best course with the most current and relevant evidence-based information. And here are some additional qualities that enable us to do just that:

  • The average length of time a North American Seminars instructor has been teaching for us is seven years
  • We aggressively market our courses, a key component to your success.
  • We have unique technology and marketing capability unlike any other CME organization
  • We are the only national CME company that integrates live courses with online education using our proprietary delivery system
  • Each course on our website is developed with unique imagery, content and marketing strategy. Yours is not just a video or course like any of the others listed on a website. Search the web and you’ll see that all other courses look the same, but with different instructors.
  • Our customers deserve the best value, so we work hard to keep costs down and operate with the greatest efficiency.

We expect more from our educators, because our customers deserve the best education at the best value

Given the fact that we expect you as an educator to be the best in your respective profession and to make the most informed decision about what team to join, you might want to ask and consider the following questions and qualifications of a CME company before you commit to teach:

  • Does the company have a team of people who are experts in making travel arrangements, coordinating courses and who have online development expertise? We suggest that you get references from educators who teach for that organization.
  • Does the company have a mobile, dynamic website, created by a team of in-house experts? Quality matters here so look at their images and content.
  • Does the company have demonstrated marketing expertise? Can they fill your courses?
  • Does the leadership in the company have technical and clinical expertise?
  • Is the company’s goal for online or live courses to have thousands of courses, where you become just another offering? Do they have a strategy for both an online and live courses? Or are they just posting online PDF courses and low quality video of live courses?
  • Does the company support your profession with hands-on training, or are they just an online mill of courses designed for quick CEUs?
  • Do you like the people you talk with in that organization, meaning, is your personality a good fit?
  • Is the company innovative, or are they a dinosaur waiting for extinction?
  • If you happen to already work with a particular company, will it benefit your professional growth and reputation? Look at their educators. Do you respect their expertise and credentials?
  • Is CME a side business of the organization? Are they more focused on their clinic?
  • Is the organization financially viable for the next four to five years? You might want to look at the CME course liquidation websites. Are they offering discounts for all their courses every month? Do they only offer online courses?

These are very important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to teach for a particular CME organization.

What are educators are saying...

Gait TRaining Course

Kimberly A. Contryman, PT, DPT, NCS, OCS

It has been a pleasure working for North American Seminars for more than a decade. They are very organized, which makes it so much easier for me to work with them. After working through the week at a small clinic, I do not have the time to prepare travel arrangements for the weekend. They do it all. I don’t have to worry about flights, rental cars, or hotel rooms. Also, the facilities where I teach are well prepared. They have the room organized the way I need it and have everything I need before I ask. They make my job so much easier and I am grateful for that!

Foot and Ankle Course

Joshua Bailey, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Cped

North American Seminars has a wide variety of courses from which to choose. Most importantly, North American Seminars values that therapists still have a demand for hands-on instruction to maximize clinical skills and they work hard to provide those opportunities.

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Course

Selina Morgan PT, ATP

We have worked for years now with NAS. Their experienced staff has always taken care of all of the necessary arrangements for us when it comes to travel, manual updates and helping us plan for each course. They are always on top of any problem that may occur and we always feel highly supported. They have been on the cutting edge of changes in the CEU world to help us stay viable as teaching professionals. We wouldn’t consider every working with anyone else.

So what’s next?

Well, if you’ve made it this far, Congratulations! You are on your way to joining North American Seminars, the premier Continuing Medical Education organization! Your next step is to fill out the information on this page. Be sure to include as much information as you can regarding your experience and knowledge of the topic you wish to present.

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