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healthclick is the website of North American Seminars, Inc. After 25 years, we are just getting started. Our technology, passion for excellence, instructors, and evidence-based medical information will shape how patients and medical professionals learn about the function and dysfunction of the human body.

Healthclick creates a marketing campaign for United Spinal of Houston

A world class artist expresses his love of art and how art has the power to transform lives and connect people.

The healthclick story

At its core, healthclick was born from the desire of the founders to create a company that would deliver current, evidence-based medical information to patients through their clinicians. This powerful information would guide a patient, or a caregiver of that patient, to have greater control over their healthcare journey.
Muscle motion technology animating muscle, soft tissue and bone

The means, methods, and tools by which we have accomplished our mission has changed over the years, but our work is still a reflection of our passion.

Our team of adventurers, medical professionals, engineers, and artists, now travel the world collecting the best medical information to deliver to our multiple brands across healthcare. As the healthclick brand evolves into our next phase, our 24 years of experience has shaped our future. In 1996, healthclick was formed as a software company that created software-based training for medical professionals.

In 1997, North American Seminars, Inc. began its delivery of live courses through! From 1997 - 2017, three out of four therapists in the US were trained at a North American Seminars live course.

The muscles and skeletal structure of the human spine drawn onto a female model

Healthclick artists have contributed to over 10,000 advertising campaigns across the world with medical illustrations and content. Our videographers, and content developers, have created over 5,000 major advertising campaigns for leading medical facilities, nonprofits, and private practices in the US.

Healthclick has traveled to over 35 countries to film the best online and live CE courses

Iceland offered healthclick a unique blend of medical professional influenced by volcanoes, waterfalls, and rivers

We are conscious of the greater need for practitioners to achieve excellence in their craft or face unemployment or reassignment away from their core training. It is now even more critical that our customers seek to become master clinicians in order to provide their patients with the best possible care and medical information.

Our goal at healthclick is to address the medical practitioner population that seeks to learn beyond requirements, beyond just getting continuing education, those that want to achieve master-level skill in order to be amongst the top 10 percent of their profession.

A high technology robot mixed with human muscles and robot metal.

Join us on this journey and let's continue to change the world, one patient at a time.