Karen Skop, PT, DPT

I am continually refining the evidence based information I use in my courses. These patients can be complex, I can show you a comprehensive treatment approach.

My experience working with both orthopedic and neurologically impaired clients offers an interesting treatment approach. Working in this challenging treatment paradigm has given me the opportunity to master my evaluation and treatment skills with patients diagnosed with vestibular disorders, blast injuries, blunt force trauma and varying degrees of sports concussions. When you work with the extreme cases, you can develop comprehensive programs for a wide variety of disorders. I continually update my approach based on the latest evidence-based and clinically relevant material available to enhance a clien’s quality of life. -Karen Skop, PT, DPT

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Karen Skop, PT, DPT, MS graduated in 2000 from University of Miami with her Master’s in Physical Therapy, 2008 from Temple University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. During her coursework at the University of Miami (UM), she studied under world-renowned Dr. Susan Herdman, completing the first of 4 “Vestibular Rehabilitation” competency course work while still a student. She was also able to have Dr. Herdman as her faculty advisor while completing research in providing visual feedback in individuals with vestibular loss. Since graduation, Dr. Skop has continued her work in vestibular rehabilitation helping “dizzy” patients of all ages from high school athletes to geriatric population. Primarily a clinical therapist she specializes in both the orthopedics and neurological population. She has worked within a multi-disciplinary team leading the rehabilitation efforts for various orthopedic & neurological clinics including Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Vestibular and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). It is through this diversity of experience that positions her perfectly for the management of concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI). She has published research on FIM data in stroke recovery, and continues to study the chronic effects of balance and sensory dysfunction in neuro-trauma. Dr. Skop is currently working on a variety of research/best practice for rehab in mild TBI and its effect on the vestibular system & knowledge translation from research to clinical practice. She currently practices for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, leading a mTBI program which manages the post-concussive sequela following blast/blunt TBI and rehabilitation of the tactical athlete. Dr. Skop lectures for the Department of Defense and National Centers of Excellence, locally to residents and physicians to raise awareness and effective management of vestibular disorders. Dr. Skop part of the first taskforce of PT’s nominated by the APTA to disseminate clinical practice guidelines for vestibular rehabilitation and remains active within the SIG’s of the APTA. She serves as faculty for VA’s ABPTRFE Orthopedic & Neurological Residency program and continues to lecture as adjunct faculty for the University of South Florida. .