Georgia Groomer, PT

Come to my courses and I will provide you with skills and information to help you deliver better care to your vestibular patients

Of my 24 years of clinical practice, the past 17 have been focused on management of the vestibular client, and I have worked in conjunction with Otology/Neurology physicians in clinics that routinely utilize advanced diagnostic testing to best understand this patient group. In addition to this I have extensive experience in marketing and program development. My course focuses on strategies for the standard therapist to use in routine clinical practice without the inclusion of redundant, non-outcome-related data. Whereas the “true” Vestibular evaluation can take up to 2 hours to complete, the standard therapist is not able to obligate this amount of time in our current healthcare paradigm. My course helps to streamline vestibular intervention to best address the patient in the time allowed in standard reimbursement models. I have isolated the last 17 years of my 24 years of clinical practice to management of the vestibular client and have practiced in conjunction with Otology/Neurotology physicians in clinics that routinely utilize advanced diagnostic testing to best understand these patients. -Georgia Groomer, PT

Continuing education course instructor for North American Seminars


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Georgia Groomer, PT, is a 1991 graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She has specialized in vestibular program development, design and implementation since 1997. Georgia earned her Herdman certificate of clinical competency in the diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders at the University of Miami in 1999. She has been active as a national instructor with North American Seminars, Inc. since 2000. Georgia has had the opportunity to practice and apply her unique vestibular skills and philosophies in a variety of clinical settings ranging from hospital-based outpatient facilities, multi-disciplinary regional balance centers and consultative/staff training for various medical systems and independent clinics. She has worked extensively to educate both the primary and specialty sectors of medicine regarding the valuable role of the rehabilitation therapists in managing dizziness and balance disorders. She has been involved at the local and national levels in campaigning efforts to improve the recognition and reimbursement of vestibular rehabilitation by third party payers. Her wide range of over two decades of experience in the field of vestibular rehabilitation enables her to provide an eclectic, insightful and practical approach to teaching both the principles of assessment and the development of effective treatment protocols.