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Treatment Approaches for the Neurological Progression of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease


Millions of people throughout the world suffer from Neurological diseases. In this online continuing education course, we interview one of the top neurologists to determine the most effective treatment programs for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Learn rehabilitation techniques from an experienced physical therapists, while case presentations of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS and Muscular Dystrophy provide the clinician with the ability to observe common patterns seen in patients that are characteristic of each of these neurological diseases. Demonstrations of how to incorporate Tai Chi, Pilates and boxing into a comprehensive rehab program will provide the therapist with additional tools to increase the neurologically-involved patient's gait, coordination, strength, balance and overall quality of life.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


The Physiological Impact of Chronic Pain


Over 100 million Americans currently complain of chronic pain. When pain becomes chronic, there are common changes that occur within the body. The physiological impact pain has on the nervous system and the brain results in a multiple system stress response. Do you understand how this can impact your patient’s functional activities and quality of life?

This intermediate-level class focuses on the physiological effects of pain, the implications it has on the whole body and how a therapist can reverse the chronic pain cycle. Evidence-based material and research is presented throughout the course to provide you with an understanding of how the medical community is contributing to the research for the development of better treatment approaches for chronic pain patients. Techniques to incorporate the nervous system, mind and physical body will enable the clinician to provide a comprehensive whole body approach to achieving positive results.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Clinical Examination and Treatment of the Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine


Everyone gets a headache right? We've taken Dr. Chris Durall, PT, DPT, SCS, LAT, CSCS expertise with the cervical spine and focused it on Cervicogenic headaches. The DVD is an awesome tool for cervical spine and upper thoracic evaluation and treatment self study and practice. The online education takes that information and applies it to the evaluation and treatment of cervicogenic headaches. We integrated some 3D anatomical motion animation and shot this movie with multiple camera angles to enhance your ability to understand the techniques

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North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Vestibular Rehabilitation - A Comprehensive Clinical Approach for Positive Functional Outcomes


The information presented in this course, while vestibular in nature, is combined with a comprehensive, interactive laboratory component. Its focus is on the class participants' "Monday Morning" issues. The structure and function of the vestibular system are thoroughly discussed along with testing, diagnostics and intervention strategies to address a large scope of symptoms and diagnoses. When therapists return to their jobs on Monday morning, they will likely encounter patients with problems related to upright instability. Although these patients may not be diagnosed with vestibular disorders, they are indeed equipped with vestibular systems. Without basic knowledge of vestibular structure and function, therapists will likely miss a crucial element of the initial evaluation--one that could very well lead to more successful intervention outcomes.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Balance Dysfunction and Intervention - An Advanced Evidence Based Course


Determining the cause of a patient’s imbalance is just as important, or in some cases more important, than providing treatment for imbalance. This advanced course helps the medical professional determine the cause of imbalance, employ appropriate outcome measures, and implement the appropriate treatment. All examination and intervention strategies discussed are evidence-based and relevant to the patient with balance dysfunction. Vestibular, neurological, and orthopedic causes of imbalance will be discussed, including pathologies such as stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, cerebellar dysfunction, total joint arthroplasties, lumbar spine dysfunction, and vestibular dysfunction.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


The Runners Rehab Program


Maximize your ability to differentially diagnoses during your functional screening. This will maximize your treatment time with your clients and optimally will produce better functional outcomes in a shorter period of time. Learn to identify the mechanisms responsible for inefficiency and injury during a client’ s first treatment session and develop evidence based treatment approaches. Foot and ankle assessment will be presented, including evaluation of rear and forefoot alignment, internal and external drivers of foot posture, and passive and active mobility testing.