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North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Critical Analysis and Treatment Strategies for the Complex Shoulder


If you can’t conclusively determine the structural pathology, how can you be confident in what you’re treating? A different approach for patients is to look at their history, their objectives, and the exam findings, and use these to try and categorize them or classify them according to what initial treatment approach makes the most sense. This approach, known as the classification system, has been clinically proven to produce clinical outcomes that are better than they would be if we were to try to chase the pathologic anatomy.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Myofascial Release for the Aging Population


This intermediate course will present the evidence that supports the theory that connective tissue and fascia provide the network connection for all of the anatomical framework and is quite often the underlying factor of many postural and functional limitations. Through gentle myofascial techniques, a clinician can significantly improve age related tissue shortening to improve range of motion, balance, function and decrease pain.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Clinical Examination and Treatment of the Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine


Everyone gets a headache right? We've taken Dr. Chris Durall, PT, DPT, SCS, LAT, CSCS expertise with the cervical spine and focused it on Cervicogenic headaches. The DVD is an awesome tool for cervical spine and upper thoracic evaluation and treatment self study and practice. The online education takes that information and applies it to the evaluation and treatment of cervicogenic headaches. We integrated some 3D anatomical motion animation and shot this movie with multiple camera angles to enhance your ability to understand the techniques

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North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Geriatric Pain and Mobility


This geriatric continuing education course takes you through a logical progression of how to treat musculoskeletal and neurological pain, train the nervous system to move the body without recreating the pain response, and progress the patient through functional gains as he or she continues through the healing process. Discussion will include age-related changes and special considerations needed for this clientele. Extensive hands-on laboratory sessions will enhance your manual therapy skills to promote soft tissue changes and improve function. Participants that attend this course will be confident in developing a comprehensive program that addresses the functional challenges that often occur with the aging population.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


A Systematic Manual Therapy Approach to the Thoracic Spine


Don’t ignore the thoracic spine! It can be the source of many dysfunctions. This course will provide you with the skills necessary to properly assess and feel for normal and faulty motion, perform a thorough evaluation of joint motion, and design effective treatments to improve overall function.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Gait Training-An Evidence Based Course Combining Manual Therapy, Exercise and Functional Activities


Neurological gait disorders can be debilitating. Limited motion in the elderly can lead to additional life-threatening conditions and even death. Understanding the underlying multifactorial causes of diminished gait will provide the foundation for developing an effective program for your client to maximize mobility. Coordinating rehab activities to enhance motor relearning and mental processing will provide the client with a progressive treatment approach leading to a higher functional level.