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Examination and Treatment of the Hip Joint


Looking for a quick and easy way to learn about the evaluation and treatment of the Hip complex? This course will NOT provide that, what it will provide is comprehensive knowledge of the complexity of the hip joint as well as evaluation and treatment techniques. Michael P. Reiman , PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC, FAAOMPT, CSCS is thorough and meticulous in his narration and execution of the evaluation of the hip joint. He follows up a spectacular evaluation with narration of key exercises and techniques for treatment of the hip complex. A great course on a complex subject, follow this course up with a live event so that your hands on skill match the knowledge gained in this course.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Clinical Examination and Treatment of the Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine


Everyone gets a headache right? We've taken Dr. Chris Durall, PT, DPT, SCS, LAT, CSCS expertise with the cervical spine and focused it on Cervicogenic headaches. The DVD is an awesome tool for cervical spine and upper thoracic evaluation and treatment self study and practice. The online education takes that information and applies it to the evaluation and treatment of cervicogenic headaches. We integrated some 3D anatomical motion animation and shot this movie with multiple camera angles to enhance your ability to understand the techniques

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Vestibular Rehabilitation - Evaluation and Treatment


Have you ever met a therapist who displayed such a tremendous amount of skill in one particular area of rehabilitation? If not this just may be your first encounter with such a person. Barry Morgan , PT takes you on a educational journey into vestibular rehab. He demonstrates clinical evaluation tests and treatments while providing pearls of clinical wisdom.

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North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Geriatric Pain and Mobility


This geriatric continuing education course will take you through a logical progression of how to treat musculoskeletal and neurological pain, how to train the nervous system to move the body without recreating the pain response, and how to progress the patient through functional gains as they progress through the healing process. The patient population targeted is the aging patient. Discussion will include age related changes and special considerations needed for this clientele.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


The Female Athlete


Over the last three decades there has been an increase in participation in sports with female athletes which also lead to an increase in overuse and acute injuries. Female athletes will experience a higher rate of specific musculoskeletal injuries than their male counterparts. This course will provide you a fundamental understanding of the common injuries that female athletes present with and how to help prevent and treat them.

North American Seminars OT and PT continuing education courses


Mastering Rehab Solutions for the Complexities of Concussions


Sports related Traumatic Brain Injury is often in the news today, yet the cause of injury can also come from many other sources. This increases the likelihood that you will treat patients some form of a TBI. Learn to integrate successful rehab programs into treatment programs for patients with concussion and forms of TBI. This two-day advanced course is designed for physical and occupational therapists, who have prior experience in vestibular rehabilitation and are looking to expand their knowledge and clinical skills in the assessment and intervention of persons with mild traumatic brain injury and concussion