I love watching promotional videos on new businesses. Most “cool” business ideas are out to do something to save the world.  “Buy a book and we will plant a tree. ”

Twenty-seven years ago, we set out to change the world. Our vision was to educate medical professionals to treat their patients better at a higher standard. We have delivered thousands of live courses and educated one out of three therapists through 2018. As a filmmaker, digital artist, and engineer, my heart has always been creating films, so we shifted during the COVID-19 crisis to continue our mission online.

A healthclick subscription impacts patients’ lives across the US and has empowered your colleagues to deliver better care. In 2021, our films raised over $150,000 to assist special-needs children in accessing better rehabilitation. We donated our time and resources without charge to create films that non-profit used to raise all these funds. Money that went directly to therapists and your colleagues to deliver their rehab vision to their population. Here is a testimony from a therapist that shared our vision. This is our tree! 

Watch an excerpt from the promotional film

Our subscription is for medical professionals that want in-depth education on a topic. We want subscribers who are passionate about the care they deliver and go beyond that “quick get your CE” online. We will redefine how you look at online learning by providing unique content filmed with high-quality visuals and animations. Ultimately, it comes down to quality content and why you have multiple entertainment streaming accounts.  

Please take a look at our subscription content. If it catches your interest, consider a subscription. Not only will it benefit your professional growth and meet your CE requirements, but you will also be helping us empower therapists to deliver their vision (Do you know a non-profit that could use our help?)

When I speak to therapists about our subscription, they ask me what the catch is. You can purchase one course for around $175, but get access to the whole library for $189, “What’s the Catch”? There is a catch. When you purchase the subscription, you agree to a recurring payment model and our terms of service. While you can cancel at any time (within the terms of the subscription agreement), we were hoping you could come on our journey and support us over multiple years. With this commitment, healthclick can continue to create great content and have the most significant impact on our communities. My challenge is for you to watch the promotion video on each course and see if you can find courses of our quality anywhere online.

We look forward to your subscription and let’s change the world.