Understanding Lymphedema

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This course is 4 hrs hrs of Continuing Medical Education Credit.

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Online Continuing Education Course Objectives

Understanding Lymphedema is an e-learning course delivered online that focuses on developing a understanding of the medical condition of lymphedema.

What is lymphedema? Is it common or rare? Is lymphedema misdiagnosed or not even diagnosed? Is the incidence of lymphedema accurately reported? Are health care professionals in the United States adequately trained in our university based medical/allied health professional programs to recognize lymphedema and treat it appropriately? How do you treat lymphedema? Are resources easily available for patients diagnosed with lymphedema? These questions and others will be answered in this home study course. The United States does not lack the availability of short stretch compression bandages or compression garments used in the treatment of lymphedema. What is lacking among the hundred of thousands of health care professionals in this country is the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities to diagnose and treat millions of Americans who suffer from lymphedema. These basic knowledge and skills are not usually taught in medical programs, nursing programs, physical therapy programs, or occupational therapy programs.

Upon completion of this e-learning course, the course participant will have been instructed and tested on the following course objectives.
  • Define lymphedema
  • Describe the anatomy of lymphatic vessels
  • Identify the two largest lymphatic vessels in the body
  • Describe the physiology of the lymphatic system
  • Identify the different types of lymphedema and incidence
  • Describe the treatment for early detection and intervention for breast cancer related lymphedema
  • Describe a potential cure for lymphedema
  • Describe the physiological effect from compression pumps
  • List the treatment techniques for lymphedema
  • List the contraindications for lymphedema treatment.



Online course

An introduction to the history of lymphedema, classification, physiology and treatment, 4 hours, .4 CEU -360 Days Access to Online Content and Test
Online4 hrs

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