Vestibular Rehabilitation - A Comprehensive Clinical Approach for Positive Functional Outcomes

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This two-day intermediate level course provides the practicing therapist with essential and fundamental skills needed to evaluate and treat vestibular dysfunction in patients with dizziness and/or balance disorders. A basic overview of vestibular function and anatomy as well as visual and somatosensory interaction is provided. Hands-on laboratory sessions enhance the clinician’s ability to perform testing techniques designed to identify vestibular dysfunction properly.

Quite often the “missing link” in the management of a patient at risk for falls lies within the weakness of the vestibular system. A thorough understanding of underlying disorders assists the clinician in developing effective treatment and exercise programs to decrease symptoms and enhance balance and functional mobility.

Discussions will entail options and considerations for creating treatment plans and long-term care management strategies. The treatment ideas presented in this course can be applied to patients with vestibular disorders as well as to patients with non-specific or generalized limitations in balance function.

This live course encourages the logical prioritization of assessment tools and interventions and takes into account the needs of each patient when designing a successful plan of care. Therapists leave this course with an appreciation for their newly acquired vestibular assessment and treatment skills and recognize that they can apply these new skills to patients with upright instability and subjective dizziness regardless of etiology or established diagnosis. Clinicians will be able to use these treatment ideas in the clinical setting immediately.

This course is offered to physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

Vestibular Rehabilitation - A Comprehensive Clinical Approach for Positive Functional Outcomes

Course Objectives

  • Identify the anatomical structures responsible for perception of movement and understand their physiological functions.
  • Identify the intricate connections between the vestibular, oculomotor and somatosensory systems and how they combine to maintain stability of posture and vision.
  • Recognize and understand the different mechanisms of recovery of the vestibular system and how they impact the course and content of rehabilitation.
  • Recognize typical vestibular disorders by symptom and category and identify critical areas for therapeutic intervention.
  • Perform evaluative procedures and assess findings (interview/history, dizziness questionnaire, oculomotor exam, visual-vestibular exam, vascular screening, positional testing, and static and dynamic balance assessments).
  • Perform diagnostic tests to identify BPPV diagnoses (specific canal and type) and determine appropriate intervention to treat different varieties of BPPV.
  • Formulate an appropriate treatment plan including measurable goals.
  • Justify the use of appropriate therapeutic exercises and treatment procedures and determine appropriate progressions of exercise.
  • Properly code and bill for vestibular services provided to ensure optimal reimbursement.

Instructed by: Georgia Groomer, PT

Of my 24 years of clinical practice, the past 17 have been focused on management of the vestibular client, and I have worked in conjunction with Otology/Neurology physicians in clinics that routinely utilize advanced diagnostic testing to best understand this patient group. In addition..

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Vestibular Rehabilitation - Evaluation and Treatment

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