Stroke - Functional Mobility Through Manual Facilitation

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The application of PNF facilitation techniques enhances muscular activation directly and indirectly through the principle of irradiation. Knowing how to utilize indirect, as well as, direct treatment techniques is an essential tool for all therapists, as it enhances patient engagement and improves functional movement outcomes. Clinicians and patients see immediate results which encourages them to build upon the gains they achieve during subsequent visits. This course content is directed at the treatment of the CVA patient but is applicable to a large variety of diagnoses and multiple treatment settings.

This advanced level two day CVA course provides the therapist with evidence based information that supports the concepts of PNF to enhance functional mobility. The course is highly interactive and consists primarily of hands on training which enables the participant the opportunity for adequate practice time with instructor feedback.

The course targets analysis of movement and the role of critical thinking in the implementation of specific treatment interventions. The concepts of specificity of training and the utilization of irradiation and overflow from stronger muscle groups to weaker groups, is explored through course content. The benefit of an indirect method of treatment for CVA patients and its utilization in initiating synchronized control for functional mobility is addressed within the lecture and lab sessions.

Patient scenarios and video analysis of functional mobility activities are used to identify impairments for CVA patients and other neurological diagnoses. Analysis of dysfunctional movement patterns and the implication on mobility will be addressed, as well as, prioritization of which impairment is having the greatest effect on function. Through the use of a CVA case study and course discussion, participants will be able to translate assessment findings into specific targeted treatment interventions. They will also be able to develop comprehensive progressive manual therapy and exercise based programs to obtain the desired functional outcomes for their CVA patient population. Over the two days, clinicians will review therapeutic exercise, specific PNF patterns and facilitation techniques and integrate these into patient exercise programs to progress the CVA patient through bed mobility activities and transitional movement which will better prepare the patient for success in upright activities.

The concepts and techniques presented in this course will provide PT’s, OT’s, PTA’s, and AT’s with the information and skills needed to treat the functional mobility needs of their patients in all therapy settings. The theories and facilitation techniques learned in this course can be immediately applied and participants will have the tools necessary to integrate concepts presented in this course into clinical practice. Clinicians will be provided with course handouts and resource which can serve as reference material upon completion of the course.

Stroke - Functional Mobility Through Manual Facilitation

Course Objectives

  • Describe the Basic Principles and Philosophy of PNF and the impact specific targeted techniques can have on functional mobility.
  • Recognize common problems in mobility in the CVA population analyze dysfunctional movement patterns and discuss their implication on functional mobility, as well as prioritize which impairment is having the greatest effect on function.
  • Identify when and how to use specific interventions, therapeutic activities and progression to streamline treatments for maximum reimbursement for clinician time.
  • Identify and utilize indirect, as well as, direct treatment techniques in the provision of patient care.
  • Organize assessment findings into specific targeted treatment interventions.
  • Develop comprehensive progressive manual therapy and exercise based programs to obtain desired functional outcomes.
  • Identify and perform specific PNF patterns and techniques to address mobility issues to enhance patient performance.
  • Integrate PNF principles and facilitation techniques with therapeutic exercise to design HEP activities to address functional mobility concerns for patients with a variety of diagnoses.
  • Discuss evidence based practice ideas with colleagues.

Instructed by: Cathy Finch, PT, MOL

PNF is incorporated into my daily professional life as a therapist and instructor. I have dedicated over 10 plus years of focus and research on PNF application to a variety of diagnoses throughout the age span.
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