Mastering Rehab Solutions for the Complexities of Concussions

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This two-day advanced course is designed for physical and occupational therapists, who have prior experience in vestibular rehabilitation and are looking to expand their knowledge and clinical skills in the assessment and intervention of persons with mild traumatic brain injury and concussion. Mild TBI is often in the news related to sports concussion, yet the cause of injury may be one of many possible sources: sports, car accidents, falls, work accidents, combat and other injuries. Specific areas of dysfunction to be explored include BPPV, oculomotor issues, vestibular dysfunction, self-motion and visual motion sensitivity, balance dysfunction, cervical involvement, cervical proprioception abnormalities, and exertional issues along with discussion of treatment strategies to address each problem with review of current evidence supporting best practice. Discussion on how to perform differential diagnosis of all these difficulties and also how to deal with confounding issues such as migraines and light and sound sensitivity will be included.

Additional topics to be examined include return to play protocols and issues, emerging areas of research such as biomarkers and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and the important role of therapy in comprehensive concussion management. Patient presentations will be discussed ranging from simple, straight-forward problems to complex and challenging cases with emphasis placed on case study application of actual patients. Lectures will be combined with lab breakout sessions and case study presentations. This course will go beyond the presentation of examination and intervention techniques and will focus on the more advanced skills of developing problem solving and differential diagnosis ability and critical thinking proficiency to better manage even the most challenging patients. All material will reflect the most recent and outcome oriented evidence based information available for the medical and therapeutic management of concussion and mild TBI.

Mastering Rehab Solutions for the Complexities of Concussions

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic pathophysiology of concussion and mild TBI and fundamental issues surrounding injury and recovery.
  • Identify the essential members of a comprehensive concussion management team and how to access resources.
  • Perform vestibular and balance assessment techniques to comprehensively assess common issues following concussion.
  • Perform assessment techniques to evaluate the visual, musculoskeletal and exertional components affecting symptoms following concussion.
  • Identify subjective scales and outcome measures to quantify symptoms and functional impact of those symptoms following injury.
  • Recognize treatment strategies in multiple deficit categories to address common complaints following concussion injury and progress these programs appropriately.
  • Utilize a variety of vestibular, balance, visual, musculoskeletal, and exertional rehab treatment strategies to address all symptoms associated with concussion.
  • Recognize common “return to play” protocols and understand how to apply them and discuss limitations with current protocols in use.
  • Develop programs to manage complex patient presentations following concussion and mild TBI injuries.
  • Develop improved management skills for patients in the subacute and chronic phases post-injury.

Instructed by: Elizabeth Grace Georgelos, PT, MS, NCS

I have worked with an elite multidisciplinary team of physicians, audiologists and physical therapists treating vestibular patients. This has helped me master technique for delivering superior results with Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibular Patients. Let me show you how!

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