Lymphedema Management of the Upper and Lower Extremities

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Why take this course?

This intermediate level two day ourse is designed to teach therapists the most current management techniques to effectively treat lymphedema. Recent research studies are thoroughly discussed validating current treatment techniques. Participants will leave this course with the information and techniques needed to immediately begin managing patients with lymphedema. Effective assessment and treatment approaches are thoroughly explained and practiced in the laboratory exercises. Clinicians will gain information pertaining to the manual techniques required to appropriately design a therapeutic treatment approach and self-care program.

Lymphedema may range in severity from mildly annoying with poor aesthetics to severely debilitating and disabling. Regardless of the severity of the patient?s lymphedema, pain, decreased range of motion, decreased limb strength and decreased functional abilities are often present. In order to address these issues the therapist needs to understand how to minimize the edema by creating a healthier cell environment while simultaneously working to improve range of motion, strength and function.

Successful functional outcomes with lymphedema patients can be achieved if the therapist has the appropriate clinical skills and current theoretical knowledge of lymphedema. Emphasis must also be placed on teaching the patient to effectively manage their lymphedema. This course provides the therapist with the skills to achieve successful outcomes and develop self-care programs for lymphedema patients. Participants also receive intense practical experience in a small class environment, which prepares the therapist to immediately apply the skills in the clinical setting.

Lymphedema Management of the Upper and Lower Extremities

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lymph system.
  • Describe the pathophysiology of lymphedema and pathogenesis of common upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Understand the common diagnostic procedures for lymphedema.
  • Recognize, assess and treat the different classifications of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Perform proper massage techniques to enhance lymphatic flow and explain the physiologic rationale for lymph drainage massage.
  • Correctly apply short stretch compression bandages in the treatment of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Perform limb measurements that provide acceptable documentation of outcome measures.
  • Instruct patients and health care professionals in precautions and skin care.
  • Choose the appropriate compression garments and instruct patients in correct application.
  • Develop appropriate individualized treatment programs for successful functional outcomes.

Instructed by: Rebecca Lotz PT, CLT

Lymphedema can affect every aspect of the quality of life. My 20 plus years of experience has enabled me to develop successful programs that encompass the whole person by combining a functional approach with hands-on-therapy. I can teach you how to incorporate an eclectic set of skills to improve outcomes.

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