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The Post-Surgical Elbow, Wrist and Hand

Why take this Continuing Education Course?

How comfortable are you in managing a post-surgical patient? Are you dependent on generalized protocols, or can you think outside the box? Do you feel confident treating a post-op patient who walks into the clinic with bulky dressings and no prescription? Therapists who are not only empowered with the knowledge of healing properties of tissue, but also the evidence to support specific treatments, find that clinical reasoning produces much better outcomes than standardized protocols.

This two-day advanced course is designed to give you the tools needed to become a critical thinker when developing a comprehensive program for the post-op elbow wrist and hand.

A systematic overview of the anatomy/physiology and common structures involved in specific diagnoses will be provided along with healing timelines for fractures, nerves, tendons and soft tissue. Post-operative wound care will also be discussed, including dupuytrens release, pin/fracture care and incision/open wound management.

This evidence based information will give you the confidence to progress your patient through the healing stages while considering the pathophysiology and pharmacological effects in the rehabilitation of your post-surgical patient. Review of post-operative diagnostic images will help increase your capacity to correlate imaging and clinical findings. Throughout this course, the importance of patient-centered care, professional collaboration and current evidence-based interventions will be emphasized to ensure exceptional patient outcomes.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to utilize clinical reasoning skills to establish treatment plans to promote proper healing and function in the post surgical elbow, wrist and hand patient.


Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses
  • Identify critical anatomical structures of the elbow, wrist and hand and the ranges of motion available at each joint.
  • Identify plans and procedures integrating clinical reasoning and evidence to facilitate best outcomes on injured tissues.
  • Understand and discuss the healing properties of tendon, nerves, ligaments and bone and apply the knowledge into any clinical situation.
  • Identify common radiographic views of the upper extremity.
  • Identify and explain the significance of the impact of abnormal skeletal findings on rehabilitation.
  • Assess and treat post-surgical wound, with detailed patient education for follow through and patient compliance.
  • Identify an appropriate dressing/treatment protocol for a wound, based upon exudate, wound status and products discussed.
  • Identify common medications and side effects that may impede rehabilitation interventions.
  • Develop appropriate rehab programs for specific diagnoses to include: olecranon and radial head fractures, DRUK dislocations, Capsulodesis and ligament reconstructions, CMC arthropalsty with AIN release, ORIF PIP Fx & Hemi hamate arthroplasty and digital amputations.
  • Apply the appropriate orthosis justifying healing structures and evidence-based protocols.
  • Execute a patient-centered evidence-based treatment plan applying theory into practice.

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