Spinning Beyond Basics - An Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Course

Why take this Continuing Education Course?

This two-day advanced course is designed for physical or occupational therapists, who have prior experience in vestibular rehabilitation and are seeking to refine their clinical evaluation and treatment skills beyond the basics. Therapists who are comfortable with their fundamental skills will find this course helpful at adding more treatment options to successfully treat the complex dizzy patient. Patient diagnoses discussed will include cervical dizziness, atypical BPPV, anxiety, migraine, acoustic neuroma, superior canal dehiscence, conversion disorder and Mal de Debarquement. Focus will be placed on case study applications with careful analysis of history, diagnostic clinical findings and classification of dysfunctions to allow optimal customized treatment protocols. Clinical skills to be taught will include fistula screening, cervicogenic screening, BPPV treatments beyond the posterior canal (anterior/horizontal canals), acoustic neuroma management including exposure to facial rehabilitation techniques, migraine screening and treatments, and identification/management of psychological factors. All testing and treatment protocols presented will be evidence-based and clinically relevant to more effectively manage the dizzy patient. Lectures will intersperse the refining of clinical testing protocols with specific treatment strategies for a wide range of diagnoses. Instruction will be provided via lecture, videotapes, lab breakouts, detailed demonstrations and case studies. Each participant will receive a comprehensive manual giving details of all recommended testing and treatment protocols.


Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses
  • Identify signs and symptoms that differentiate the diagnostic groups of BPPV, cervical dysfunction, psychogenic, Meniere's disease and migraine.
  • Perform appropriate examination procedures to distinguish between the diagnostic groups of BPPV, cervical, psychogenic, Meniere's disease and migraine.
  • Design customized exercise protocols for each of the diagnostic groups of BPPV, cervical, psychogenic, Meniere's disease and migraine.
  • Identify psychological problems that can affect the management of vestibular problems and learn how to modify treatment interventions, plans and goals.
  • Recognize role of migraine as both primary (causing of distinct vertigious episodes) and secondary (traditional migraines leading to more persistent motion, intolerance) contributor to dizziness and its impact on rehabilitation.
  • Develop an understanding of the important role of both the medical and rehabilitative aspects managing dizziness and when to refer to another provider.
  • Identify a multitude of balance facilitation techniques both for motoric and sensory balance deficits with the dizzy patient.
  • Develop skills related to the "fine art" of vestibular rehabilitation, which is the accurate interpretation of eye motion as it relates to the patient's clinical presentation.
  • Develop improved management skills for patients stable vestibular deficits such as status post acoustic neuroma disability, including fundamental skills related to facial rehabilitation, expected outcomes and treatment progressions.
  • Identify the clinical presentation and learn clinical testing of patients with superior canal dehiscence (fistula) and current management.
  • Recognize the clinical presentation of patients with Mal de Debarquement, current theories of pathophysiology and current recommended management strategies.
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    Janene Holmberg, DPT, NCS

    I have treated thousands of patients with dizziness, I will teach you how to differentiate symptoms and optimize appropriate treatments for results!
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