Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Biomechanics

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This two-day intermediate level course is designed to emphasize the clinical guidelines utilized when developing an evidence-based rehabilitation program. Biomechanics form the keystone philosophy for a multi-modal treatment approach; emphasizing both manual treatment/assessment and dynamic exercise methods. Current evidence-based interventions are presented and analyzed for a variety of diagnoses. Postsurgical programs and time phased rehab progression are thoroughly discussed for diagnoses such as: rotator cuff tendonitis, tears, ligamentous injuries and dislocation. Evaluation and treatment techniques for specialized sports shoulder injuries and dysfunctions include rotator cuff undersurface tears, dead-arm syndrome, scapular neuritis, myofascial syndromes and microtrauma principles. The instructor will describe essential components of overhead performance biomechanics and relate specific injuries and treatment concepts for the myriad of sports that involve throwing motions, swimming strokes and weight training for the upper extremity. Clinicians will also be presented with information and techniques on how to analyze and recognize dysfunction phases for painful, stiff shoulders (adhesive capsulitis), in addition to understanding the prognosis of recovery while incorporating evidence-based manual therapy techniques. The presentation of rehabilitation programs are based on actual patient cases and outcomes. The assessment and treatment techniques will be thoroughly practiced during the laboratory sessions. This course incorporates the use of exercise and manual skills combined with new evidence-based perspectives to promote excellent patient outcomes.


Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses
  • Discuss the importance of the understanding of the biomechanics of the shoulder when developing a comprehensive shoulder evaluation.
  • Discuss the underlying mechanisms of common shoulder dysfunctions.
  • Perform special tests of the shoulder to determine dysfunction.
  • Recognize the components of overhead performance biomechanics as it relates to injuries of sporting events that involve throwing motions, swimming strokes and weight training for the upper extremity.
  • Recognize that myofascial trigger point therapy is an integral part of the rehab program.
  • Develop specialized assessment and treatment programs for specific sports injuries to include: rotator cuff undersurface tears, dead arm syndrome, suprascapular neuritis, myofascial syndromes and microtraumas.
  • Explain the dysfunction phases of adhesive capsulitis, painful shoulder and integrate evidence-based rehabilitation techniques to maximize outcomes.
  • Analyze available multimodal treatment and rehabilitation techniques.
  • Justify the role of current evidence-based information for effective shoulder treatments
  • Instructor name

    Mark Albert, MEd, PT, ATC, LAT

    I am an internationally recognized author on subject matter relating to orthopedics and sports therapy. My approach is to blend the essential biomechanics with focused manual techniques for immediate clinical application and results.
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