The Lymphedema Toolbox

Interactive Software with Online CME

The ultimate software tool for therapist looking to learn about lymphedema or enhance their current knowledge. This software tool is a outstanding resource to any professional library. This new version, released on USB for Windows Operating systems, contains over 400 pages of information with photos, 3D renderings, digital movies and illustrations. Information can be viewed onscreen and printed. The information can be used for self-study and can form the basis of a patient education program for any clinic or hospital.

Professional Information to Manage Patients with Lymphedema:
  • Enhance or build a foundation of information on the Lymphatic system
  • Understand aspects of lymphedema treatment to include bandaging and massage for lymphedema
Lymphedema Continuing Education Course, intermediate level, for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Athletic Trainers
  • Earn up to 15 hours of continuing medical education for PT, OT, PTA and COTA
  • Delivered on a Windows® OS USB drive, The Lymphedema Toolbox will become a valuable part of your professional library
  • Material is delivered on Windows® USB and Continuing Medical Education test and certificate can be taken and printed online
  • Online continuing education test can be taken as many times as need to achieve 70% or greater test score
  • This is an intermediate Level Occupational Therapy Process: evaluation, intervention.
OT PT Continuing Medical Education Course

Online Continuing Education Course Objectives

  • Understand the anatomy and physiology of the lymph system.
  • Identify the different stages of lymphedema
  • Describe the pathophysiology of lymphedema and pathogenesis of common upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Understand the common diagnostic procedures for lymphedema.
  • Recognize, assess and treat the different classifications of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Understand the proper massage techniques to enhance lymphatic flow and identify the physiologic rationale for lymph drainage massage.
  • Recognize how to apply short stretch compression bandages in the treatment of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Instruct patients and health care professionals in precautions and skin care.
  • Develop appropriate individualized treatment programs for successful functional outcomes to include: massage, therapeutic exercises, compression therapy and instruction on self management and home programs.

Professional Value of the Software

The Lymphedema Toolbox is a tool that therapists can use to develop and maintain a lymphedema education program for their patients. Information is organized into interactive pages that can be selected, reviewed onscreen, then printed. The information is organized in such a manner so as to form the basis of a patient education program.

A physical therapist, occupational therapist or assistant can enhance their own professional medical education with evidence based information contained in the 145 pages of the lymphedema education course manual, This information can be viewed onscreen and printed. Sixteen digital movies provide a visual explanation of many of the topic contained in the written material.

If you treat lymphedema patients this is a must-have resources for your professional library.

This software requires a Windows® operating system, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8. In addition, the computer must have a USB drive as the software runs off a USB drive. The software requires no installation. Place the USB into the computer running a Windows Operating system and select “Toolbox” from the USB drive. The software will run and the user can follow the onscreen menus to use the software. This software is not designed to run on a Apple Operating system, it will only function on a Windows® OS.

The Lymphedema Toolbox USB packaging

The Lymphedema Toolbox is delivered to you on a Windows® compatible USB drive. The software requires no installation and must remain on the USB.

The software is delivered to you, for a reference to your professional library. No annual subscription fees!

Continuing Education Course Purchase Options

Online Test Only

CEU Test portion only, Content for completion of the CEU portion is on Windows USB which must be purchased seperately, 15 hrs, 1.5 CEU. Test available online for 180 days or printed from the software

Most Popular Option

Lymphedema Toolbox software on Windows USB and Home Study CEU credit with instant access to the CEU test for 180 Days - MOST POPULAR OPTION
Windows USB drive, Online Test Access15.0 hrs

Software Only

Lymphedema Toolbox software only - delivered on Windows USB
USB - Windows OS15.0 hrs

Features of The Lymphedema Toolbox Software

Lymphedema Toolbox printed course manual
A 145-page lymphedema education manual covering:
  • Types of lymphedema (primary, secondary).
  • Symptoms of lymphedema.
  • Anatomy of the lymphatic system.
  • Transport function (trunks and nodes).
  • Physiologic function.
  • Stages of lymphedema.
  • Treatments for lymphedema.
  • Tumors, infections, congestive heart failure.
  • Basic fundamentals to mobilize lymphatic fluid.
  • Techniques for lymphatic mobilization (scoop, pump, rotary).
  • Lymphatic watershed.
  • Treatment of the upper extremity.
  • Treatment of the lower extremity.
  • Treatment of the back and neck.
  • Understanding volumetric analysis.
  • Bandaging principles for the upper and lower extremity.
  • Compression sleeves and garments.
  • Developing exercise programs.

Printable patient forms, in addition to the 145 page manual include:

Protocols for patients after breast cancer surgery
  • Designed to assist the patient who has had a post- mastectomy/post-lumpectomy with axillary node dissection achieve their pre-surgical functional status.
  • Decrease pain and facilitate healing.
Educate the patient about the early signs and symptoms of lymphedema. Separate protocols for the upper and lower extremity
  • Designed to reduce and stabilize lymphedema.
Educate the patient in an independent home program for self care of upper and lower extremity lymphedema.
  • Designed to restore an optimal level of function for the involved upper/lower extremity.
General bandage information for patients
  • Explains how compression bandages work.
  • Details the different types of compression bandages and their use and care.
  • Answers common questions like, “How do I wash my bandages?”, “How long do the bandages last?”,“Does insurance cover the cost of my bandages?”
Step by step self bandaging illustrations for the upper and lower extremity
  • Illustrations guide the patient step by step through upper and lower extremity bandaging.
  • Detailed directions support each illustration.
Step by Step Instructions for Self Massage
  • Detailed description for the left arm, right arm and bilateral arm.
  • Detailed description for the left leg, right leg, and bilateral leg.
Patient Checklist
  • Provides a checklist for the professional to ensure they discuss important patient related issues, such as the overall therapy plan, definition of lymphedema, precautions, community resources, bandage/compression guidelines, garment choices, massage guidelines, self/home care guidelines, skin care and exercise guidelines.
“What is Lymphedema ?” Education Sheets
  • Provides an overview for patients with lymphedema.
General Guidelines for an Independent Home Management Program of Lymphedema
  • Transition from bandages to garments.
  • Signs of infection.
Guidelines and Precautions
  • Details twenty issues that patients with lymphedema need to consider, such as skin care, the importance of diet, and airplane travel.
Garment Information
  • What are garments?
  • Advantages/disadvantages of over-the-counter garments and custom garments.
  • Common questions regarding garments such as care, purchase issues, insurance reimbursement and types of compression.
Community Resources
  • Provides a list of websites for additional information on lymphedema.
Exercises For the Arm and Leg
  • Detailed descriptions on how to perform specific exercises for the arm and leg.

Sixteen digital movies to enhance the written information

  • Bandaging of the arm.
  • Bandaging of the leg.
  • Alternating stationary circles on the adductor chain.
  • Stationary circles to the adductor chain.
  • Alternating Pump technique on the posterior & lateral aspect of the thigh.
  • Scoop technique on the posterior and lateral aspect of the thigh.
  • Pump technique to the lower aspect of the leg with scoop technique.
  • Lymphatic foot techniques.
  • Stationary circles to the axilla.
  • Scoop techniques on the lateral aspect of the thigh.
  • Stationary circles to the lateral aspect of the trunk.
  • Alternating stationary circles to the lateral aspect of the trunk.
  • Alternating stationary circles on the anterior aspect of the trunk.
  • Lymphatic massage to the upper arm.
  • Lymphatic massage to the lower arm.

OT, COTA, PT, PTA Continuing Education Course State Approvals