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  • This course is 2 hrs hrs of Continuing Medical Education Credit.

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Online Continuing Education Course Objectives

This online continuing education course is the first part of a two part series on Diabetes.

This CME course will focus on an introduction to diabetes and the neuropathic foot. The second e-learning course will focus on the neuropathic foot. For the purposes of this chapter diabetic foot and neuropathic foot may be used interchangeably. While diabetes is a frequent cause of disabling neuropathies, it is not the only cause. Treatment and assessment of the neuropathic foot does not vary with the cause; diabetes complicates the diagnosis and adds an additional element that requires monitoring.

I marvel that society would pay a surgeon a large sum to remove a patients leg but nothing to save it -George Bernard Shaw

This quote sums up the state of diabetes care in this country. A majority of neuropathic feet could be saved from the surgeons knife with reasonable prevention measures.

Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease based on 224,092 death certificates in 2002; since 1987 death rates due to diabetes have increased 45% while death rates due to heart disease, stroke and cancer have declined.

Diabetes is considered the fifth deadliest disease only because experts believe that death rates due to diabetes are vastly under reported; in reality it is likely to be the first or second deadliest disease. Studies have found that only 35-40% of decedents with diabetes have the disease listed anywhere on their death certificate and only 15-20% have it listed as an underlying cause (reference-3). 7.5 million people with diabetes died in 2000 but deaths directly caused by diabetes were estimated at 2.9 million.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this e-learning course, the course participant will have been instructed and tested on the following course objectives.

  • Understand the medical statistics concerning incidences and populations of individuals associated with the disease of diabetes
  • Explain the medical definition of Diabetes
  • Identify the different types of Diabetes
  • Understand and explain insulin resistance syndrome
  • Explain Hemoglobin A1c or glycated hemoglogin



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An Introduction to Diabetes from the perspective of the rehab professional
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