An Introduction to Wound Care for the Rehab Professional

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Online Continuing Education Course for PT, OT, PTA and COTA
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Online Continuing Education Course Objectives

Wound management is a multi-factorial, holistic and interdisciplinary approach to wound closure versus wound care which is simply to local topical care of the wound itself by a wound specialist.

Very often in the wound management setting the team is multidisciplinary but not interdisciplinary. The latter is a team that is collaborative and unified in its focus; that focus should always be patient centered. Each member of the interdisciplinary team sees the patient and their disease process through the filter of their respective discipline. In this lies the strength of the team.

Effective wound management requires that the likely etiology of the ulcer is determined. Treatment is directed at rectifying that disease process since the chronic wound is most often a symptom of an underlying pathology. If the actual cause or major predisposing factor, such as protein energy malnutrition or pressure, is not determined and addressed the wound will more than likely fail to close or remain at high risk for recurrence.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this e-learning course, the course participant will have been instructed and tested on the following course objectives.

  • Describe the characteristics of various types of wounds in order to develop the appropriate treatment programs.
  • Explain the conditions present in a wound immediately after injury.
  • Identify the inflammatory phase of the wound to include visual identification of inflammation in a wound.
  • Understand and explain the proliferative phase of wound healing.
  • Visually identify hypergranulation.
  • Explain the remodeling or maturation phase of wound healing to include characteristics, types of scarring (hypertrophic amd keloid) and skin grafts.
  • Describe epithelialization at the cellular level.
  • Describe the layers of human skin visually and verbally.
  • Identify the primary cell types of the epidermis.
  • Detail the importance of hydration and its effect on proper or improper healing of a wound.



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An Online Continuing Education Course for the PT, OT, PTA, COTA or ATC that needs an overview of wound care, types of wounds and treatment
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