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Geriatric Posture and Performance - A Joint by Joint Mobility and Stability Approach

Why take this Continuing Education Course?

Regardless of reason (aging, injury, central nervous system dysfunction, fatigue and even fear) poor posture and structural alignment leads to decreased performance and function. Poor posture can even lead to breathing problems and contribute to devastating falls. This course is an intermediate two-day, interactive seminar designed to enhance the ability of clinicians to treat older patients with various orthopedic and neurologic disease processes in improving posture and ultimately function.

This course delivers a completely different approach to posture treatment, participants will learn to utilize a joint by joint approach from the foot upwards differentiating either a mobility or stability deficit (or both). The clinician will learn to treat the entire patient from a postural standpoint using a holistic approach of functional based manual therapy techniques, therapeutic activities designed to mobilize the patient in weight bearing and reflexively stabilize them in functional movement patterns. Follow-up strength and proprioceptive training to improve motor learning will be added. Ample lab time will be spent demonstrating, assessing, practicing motor skills and providing clinical and scientific rationale for treatments that will immediately increase clinical skill in obtaining effective functional outcomes in an efficient manner in all settings of therapy practice.

As many geriatric patients have difficulty with breathing (using accessory muscles, anxiety breathing, paradoxical breathing to name a few common dysfunctions seen) a separate section investigating the role of breathing on core stability, respiration and the ability to perform quality movement patterns will be considered.


Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses
  • Perform a functional joint by joint postural assessment and design a treatment plan to address underlying impairments (postural imbalances) contributing to functional decline.
  • Correlate strength (underlying) impairment to functional deficits and converse with therapy team regarding evidence based functional strengthening as it relates to goal achievement.
  • Describe the scientific and evidence-based clinical rationale behind the development of a therapy treatment plan addressing postural deficits.
  • Understand contraindications to manual therapy and comply with scope of professional practice acts to allow manual therapy.
  • Participants will be able to prescribe corrective exercises to treat functional deficits in mobility and stability.
  • Understand how to utilize neuromuscular inhibition and facilitation techniques and how to sequence them in therapy prescriptions for maximum functional outcomes.
  • Compare and contrast different treatment options and interventions and incorporate them into your own practice.
  • Develop home exercise programs of prescribed fundamental movement patterns to maintain functional results.

Instructor name

John Wilson, PT, DPT, MA, CSCS

My experience is not limited to teaching. I’m an instructor, but also a trainer, mentor, staff developer and coach, and I can draw from all of these roles to respectfully challenge therapists’ thought processes and encourage them toward prescribing treatments uniquely suited to the needs of each patient.
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