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NV OT PT Continuing Education Courses Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

Spinal Cord Injury

CME credit hours: 13.0 hrs    Delivery: DVD and Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

Vestibular Rehabilitation - Evaluation and Treatment

CME credit hours: 10.0 hrs    Delivery: DVD and Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

Treatment Approaches for the Neurological Progression of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease

Millions of people throughout the world suffer from Neurological diseases. In this online continuing education course, we interview one of the top neurologists to determine the most effective treatment programs for Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Learn rehabilitation techniques from an experienced physical therapists, while case presentations of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS and Muscular Dystrophy provide the clinician with the ability to observe common patterns seen in patients that are characteristic of each of these neurological diseases. Demonstrations of how to incorporate Tai Chi, Pilates and boxing into a comprehensive rehab program will provide the therapist with additional tools to increase the neurologically-involved patient's gait, coordination, strength, balance and overall quality of life.

CME credit hours: 7.0 hrs    Delivery: Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

A Differential Diagnosis Approach to the Examination and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and SI Joint

Enhance your clinical reasoning skills along with your hands-on techniques for the evaluation and treatment of the sacroiliac joint and lumbar spine. Clinical reasoning skills and clinical prediction concepts will be introduced in order to determine the optimal treatment options for mobilizations, manipulations, and stabilizations. This course has a systematic presentation that provides an easy learning process to improving your skills when evaluating and treating the SI joint and lumbar spine.

CME credit hours: 8.5    Delivery: Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

Myofascial Release for the Aging Population

This intermediate course will present the evidence that supports the theory that connective tissue and fascia provide the network connection for all of the anatomical framework and is quite often the underlying factor of many postural and functional limitations. Through gentle myofascial techniques, a clinician can significantly improve age related tissue shortening to improve range of motion, balance, function and decrease pain.

CME credit hours: 8.5 hrs    Delivery: Online

OT PT Continuing Education Courses

Biomechanics of the Shoulder

Thirty-seven years of clinical expertise at your finger tips! Learn how to formulate your own comprehensive approach to treating shoulder dysfunction with information that can only be acquired from decades of clinical practice and proven research analysis. Combining clinical expertise with specifically-selected, evidenced-based data, this course presents you with the foundation to provide a comprehensive evaluation and treatment approach to effectively develop energy-efficient functional outcomes.

CME credit hours: 12.0 hrs    Delivery: Online