Robert Friberg, PT, PhD, CFMT

Bottom line, results are important. I build solutions with research and optimal hands on techniques. Sit down and I will show you!

With over 35 years of clinical experience, I combine research with the most effective clinical approaches for optimal outcomes for spinal dysfunction. I provide a very systematic approach combining the biomechanical and neuromechanical systems for improved movement outcomes. I will teach you how to incorporate multiple bodily systems for optimal recovery for spinal dysfunction. -Robert Friberg, PT, PhD, CFMT

Continuing education course instructor for North American Seminars


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Robert Friberg, PT, PhD, CFMT is a professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Hardin-Simmons University. He teaches the kinesiology and orthopedics components of the curriculum. His clinical certification is the Certified Functional Manual Therapist© from the Institute of Physical Art. Dr. Friberg brings 35 years of clinical experience with a specialization in chronic pain associated with spinal dysfunction. His training includes experience with a variety of models for orthopedic practice. This experience led to a unique perspective for examination, evaluation and intervention of movement dysfunction associated with the spine. He has taught nationally on topics associated with the spine including manual therapy, motor control and stabilization. He has provided systematic spinal dysfunction training for national physical therapy groups. He has numerous clinical and research presentations at national meetings. His research interests include such topics as neurodynamics, the neuromechanical effects of posture, the relationship of reflexes in spinal dysfunction, and the role of muscle inhibition and facilitation in spinal movement dysfunction. Dr. Friberg currently has a private practice with consistent patient interaction.