Janene Holmberg, DPT, NCS

I have treated thousands of patients with dizziness, come to my course and i will show you what I have learned.

I have greater than 20 years of direct clinical experience and have treated literally thousands of patients suffering from a wide ranging problems with dizziness. I am currently involved on a national level as both the secretary of the APTA's Vestibular Special Interest Group and also the newly appointed task force to determine/define the practice of Vestibular Physical Therapy. I was awarded Physical Therapist of the Year by the Utah Chapter of the APTA in 1995 and received the Clinical Excellence in Neurology award from the Neurology Section of the APTA in 2013. I am a passionate clinician with a deep respect and understanding of the science as well as the art. -Janene Holmberg, DPT, NCS

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Janene Holmberg, DPT, NCS received her BS degree in physical therapy from the University of Utah in 1987 and Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2009. She became an ABPTS board certified Neurological Clinical Specialist in 1996, with Recertification obtained in 2006. She is currently the coordinator of balance rehabilitation and hearing center in Utah. Dr. Holmberg serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Utah Physical Therapy Program, and is the Specialist for the Facial Disorders Center of the University of Utah School of Medicine. Her initial clinical work included an emphasis in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation. She completed her certification in NDT (Neuro Development Technique) in 1990. Since 1990, she has specialized primarily in Vestibular Rehabilitation and more recently Facial Rehabilitation. Janene is a member of the APTA Neurology Sections Vestibular Special Interest Group and the Vestibular Disorders Association. She has lectured nationally with many leaders in this field including Dr. Rose, Dr. Robert Brey, Dr. Neil Shepard, Dr. Joel Goebel, Dr. David Cyr and Dr. Nashner. Dr. Holmberg lectured for 3 consecutive years at the annual international meeting Interdisciplinary Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Aspects of Balance Disorders on the uses and applications of Center of Gravity Biofeedback. She has been a key note speaker for the American Academy of Audiologist (AAA) lecturing on Vestibular Rehabilitation and particularly treatment protocols for Benign Positional Vertigo. Janene was also the key note speaker in the Utah Chapter APTA annual conference in 2000. Since 1998, she has taught many courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Falling in the Elderly across the nation. Janene is a faculty member for Dr. Susan Herdman and Richard Clendaniels annual Vestibular Competency Course in Atlanta, Georgia. She completed clinical competency in Biofeedback in 1991 and specialized training from Jackie Diels, OTR, in Facial Rehabilitation in 1996. Dr. Holmberg currently collecting clinical outcome data on effectiveness of Vestibular and Facial Rehabilitation. Her current clinical practice consists of a broad scope of neurologic patients and she draws on her extensive experience to help clinicians learn to manage these challenging patients.