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Julia Osborne, PT, CLT-LANA, graduated with a BSc. (Honors) in Physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In her years of practice prior to specializing in oncology rehabilitation she gained extensive clinical experience in the treatment of Adult, Geriatric, and Pediatric patients in outpatient and inpatient settings. Her specialty areas, in addition to Oncology Rehabilitation, include Combined Decongestive Therapy, Chronic Pain Management, Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques, and Womans Health. She is certified in the management of Lymphedema. Over the past six years Julia has focused her career on the development of Oncology Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy. She has developed treatment protocols for post surgical and radiation care, symptom control, patient guidelines for prevention of onset of lymphedema and other secondary complications, and she has developed a lymphedema education & resource center for outpatients. Julia has also authored several course manuals for oncology rehabilitation. These include Clinical Model of Lymphedema Management for PTs, Oncology Rehabilitation Manual for PTs, Post Surgical and Post Radiation Management of Patients with Breast Cancer, and Cancer Survivorship – How can Physical Therapy Make a Difference?

Julia is an Affiliate Faculty member of the Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program at Regis University and teaches an introductory oncology rehabilitation class to students. Public speaking has become a successful addition to Julia's career. She has been a speaker at the APTA 2005 Spring Conference in Denver, CO; and at the Day of Caring 2005 and 2006 Conferences in Denver, CO. She has also conducted 3 and 5 day seminars in Oncology Rehabilitation for HealthOne Medical Centers, and Physiotherapy Associates. Professional groups to which Julia has presented include the American Mammography Annual Conferences, Radiation Oncology at Swedish Medical Center, Sally Jobe Breast Center Physician Conferences, and the Y–Me TeleConferences. Julia is frequently invited to speak at patient support groups and at community events in Denver.

Advanced Management of Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

This two-day advanced seminar is designed to expand and advance current clinical knowledge by providing more in depth clinical information needed to problem solve through a complex variety of breast cancer diagnoses. Complex diagnoses include patients with aggressive forms of breast cancer; patients with metastatic breast cancer such as bone and lung metastases; patients with associated co-morbidities such as auto-immune diseases, diabetes, CHF; patients with differential diagnoses such as superior vena cava syndrome, sarcomas, etc.; and patients with treatment complications such as seromas, hematomas, infections, open wounds, axillary web syndrome, and mondors syndrome. Centered on systems management, a series of advanced, synchronized manual therapy treatment techniques are taught in the lab sessions. These advanced clinical treatment techniques will allow experienced therapists to build on their current expertise by being inclusive of all the major systems involved in the medical treatment of breast cancer patients, namely the musculo-skeletal system, the nervous system, the vascular system, the lymphatic system, and the endocrine system. Careful study of how each of these systems are affected in the breast cancer population will enable clinicians to apply advanced treatment concepts and integrative skills to effectively and successfully treat a multitude of complex patient scenarios that go beyond the routine post surgery and post radiation management of this population. Additionally, the integrated skills taught in the seminar will add leverage to current treatment protocols, optimize the functioning of patients, and bring about improved sustainable results. Upon completion of the course, clinicians will be able to design specific exercise protocols and use integrated systems management techniques in the advanced treatment of breast cancer patients with surgical complications, severe side effects of radiation, side effects of chemotherapy, and side effects of targeted hormone therapies. The information presented in the course will enhance therapists ability to develop a continuum of care, lead a multi-disciplined approach, and effectively market new concepts in the management of patients with breast cancer to the medical community. The course presents evidence-based material both in the medical management of patients with breast cancer and in the rehabilitative therapy management of patients with breast cancer. The information obtained in this course can be immediately applied in the clinic to achieve sustainable, functional outcomes in patients with breast cancer.

Category: Advanced Breast Cancer Course, physical therapy continuing education course, occupational therapy continuing education course

Professional Attendance: This continuing medical education course is applicable for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

  • Understand the anatomy of breast cancer cells, their functional capabilities, and how modern medicine is responding in its design to treat breast cancer effectively.
  • Expand clinical knowledge about differential diagnoses, treatment side effects, and physical sequelea of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted hormone therapies.
  • Advance understanding of the biology and physiology of the acute trauma that occurs to the lymphatic system after surgery and radiation therapy, and how this affects normal healing processes in the body.
  • Understand the difference between treating lymphedema as a condition, and the advanced concepts of treating acute trauma of the “lymphatic systemâ€� as it relates to other body systems in the healing processes of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
  • Advance and integrate manual lymphatic drainage skills with orthopedic manual therapy skills to include system management of the musculo-skeletal system, the nervous system, the vascular system, the lymphatic system, and the endocrine system during and post breast cancer treatment.
  • Understand complex co-morbidities and adverse treatment complications of breast cancer, how they affect the healing capacity of patients, and how treatment can be structured to minimize their effect.
  • Identify clearly the specific clinical goals of specialized manual therapy skills and targeted exercise protocols for patients undergoing advanced forms of breast surgery, new chemotherapy treat- ments, and/or targeted radiation therapy so as to achieve optimal function, as well as sustainable treatment results.
  • Have increased knowledge about advances in breast cancer diagnoses, advances in breast cancer management, and advances in breast cancer research
  • Gain and advance leadership skills in the continuum of care and multi-disciplined approach to the management of patients with breast cancer.

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    Advanced Management of Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

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