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Kimberly A. Costello, PT, DPT, NCS, OCS earned her masters of physical therapy in 1991 from Northern Arizona University. She was NDT certified in 1995, received her certification as a neurology specialist by the APTA in 2000 and received her certification as an orthopedic specialist in 2002. In May of 2002 the University of Southern California awarded Kim a doctorate of physical therapy. She received the Order of the Golden Cane, which is the highest honor awarded to graduates who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in a variety of professional areas. While in her doctoral program at USC, Kim worked as an assistant instructor in the DPT program at the university as well as treating physical therapy patients. Dr. Costello was awarded the Outstanding Mentorship Award for her exceptional skill in assisting students to master difficult curricular content. Throughout her career, Dr. Costello’s primary focus in physical therapy has always been on providing both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. In addition to hands-on physical therapy, Dr. Costello was a clinical manager for over five years. Kim received the 5-Star Award given to outstanding employees within that health system. Kim is frequently a guest lecturer and is involved in teaching at various colleges within her geographical area. Neurology and orthopedics form an important part of Dr. Costello’s background. Her expertise includes all forms of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses including traumatic head injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, pathological conditions, orthopedic insults and postsurgical care. Presently, Dr. Costello owns Blue Ridge Physical Therapy where she treats a diverse population of patients with a variety of diagnoses focusing on orthopedic and neurological insults. Kim demonstrates a hands-on approach individualized to each patient rather than to each diagnosis.

Gait Training-An Evidence Based Course Combining Manual Therapy, Exercise and Functional Activities

This intermediate level 2-day course provides an orthopedic perspective in the evaluation and treatment of the neurologically involved lower extremity with the use of evidence based practice. This course will provide studies that support common theories and treatments involved with the treatment of the lower extremity with a focus on function and gait. The concepts and principles demonstrated in this course enhance both the clinician’s knowledge base and hands-on skills. Clinicians will learn to not only identify impairments in alignment, but prioritize which impairment is affecting function. They will analyze movement patterns specifically with gait, determine musculoskeletal dysfunctions (including muscle imbalances) and develop a working therapy diagnosis with appropriate therapeutic intervention. Course instruction is enhanced by extensive group interaction and hands-on practice of the evaluation procedures (with case studies). Treatment approaches are aimed at soft tissue mobilization, flexibility activities, strengthening exercises and proprioceptive activities that will improve gait and mobility with patients. Break out sessions will include video analysis of actual patients to allow the clinician to systematically diagnosis patient dysfunction and develop a progessive functional treatment plan. The techniques learned can be applied to a multitude of pathologies in both the neurologic and orthopedic realm (including, but not exclusive to: CVA, SCI, TBI, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, CP, deconditioning, hip pathologies, arthritis, etc). This course assists the clinician in becoming more efficient with making the correct therapy diagnosis, documenting, analyzing, communicating and progressing the patient to a more functional level.

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Professional Attendance: This continuing medical education course is applicable for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists and athletic trainers.







  • Properly evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment programs for specific musculoskeletal restrictions in the neurologically involved lower extremity.
  • Analyze gait abnormalities and prioritize impairments to develop a treatment plan focused on improving function rather than just improving impairments.
  • Determine what muscles are firing/not firing at the appropriate/inappropriate time during a gait cycle.
  • Identify muscle imbalances through weakness, length tension disruption and joint hyper/hypomobility.
  • Develop a specific plan of care for each individual patient aimed at the appropriate dysfunction.
  • Support treatment with evidence based research.
  • Understand the difference in treatment focused on improving function versus improving impairments.
  • Demonstrate manual skills to perform soft tissue mobilization (including mobilization with movement and muscle bending), strengthening exercises (including NDT techniques), proprioceptive activities and stretching techniques.






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    Gait Training-An Evidence Based Course Combining Manual Therapy, Exercise and Functional Activities

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    Mar 28, 15Mar 29, 15Northwest Hospital and Medical Center

    Seattle, WA

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    May 02, 15May 03, 15Sutter Cancer Center

    Sacramento, CA

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    May 16, 15May 17, 15Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene

    Keene, NH

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    Aug 15, 15Aug 16, 15Vital Rehabilitation

    Chicago, IL

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    Sep 12, 15Sep 13, 15Palomar Health Downtown Campus

    Escondido, CA

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    Nov 07, 15Nov 08, 15Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

    Englewood, NJ

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    Nov 21, 15Nov 22, 15St. Vincent's Hospital

    Worcester, MA

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