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Jennifer Goff MSPT NCS, CLT, CMT has been a physical therapist for 24 years. Her experience as a collegiate athlete, coach and neuro-certified specialist combined with years of experience with geriatric clients gives her a unique understanding of what is necessary to enhance physical performance in the aging adult. She obtained her BSPT at Northern Arizona University and her MSPT at Rocky Mountain University. She has been certified in the fields of vestibular rehabilitation, lymphedema and venous management, and Neurodevelopmental Treatment. She has pursued advanced instruction in PNF, manual therapy, sports performance, wound care, urinary incontinence, and motor control and motor learning and has completed over 250 hours of education in integrative medicine practices. She has been a clinical instructor for 11 years. She currently works in a private practice setting treating patients with limitations due to trauma, pain, and neurological deficits as well as developing performance enhancement training programs for active seniors. She also acts as an educational consultant with training expertise in a wide variety of topics including dementia, lymphedema management, neurological rehabilitation, vestibular training, bowel and bladder management, and wound care. She is active in the promotion of healthy aging lifestyles through presentations and publications for the general public and specific patient support groups.

Geriatric Pain and Mobility

This advanced course is designed to enhance the clinician’s knowledge of the aging process, the physiological effects of chronic pain on the aging body, and the role that the nervous system and graded exercise play in reducing pain and improving mobility and physical performance. The strategies presented in this course are essential for treating geriatric patients with pain, orthopedic dysfunctions, balance deficits, and general debility.

Pain is a neural inhibiting phenomenon. It prevents the normal firing of musculature and often creates a protective, guarded movement pattern. Over long periods of time this can result in multiple changes in the body including tissue shortening, postural adaptations, muscle weakness, loss of function, injury and falls. Understanding the processes that occur in the body and what treatments have been shown to assist in the reversal of these debilitating phenomenon will help the clinician choose efficient and successful treatment parameters resulting in more timely and significant functional gains for their patients. Furthermore, advancements in research in the areas of pain and functional performance are leading us to incorporate neurologically based techniques into traditional geriatric rehabilitative programs. Evidence shows that neuroplastic properties and the ability to create changes in neuromuscular habits are key to producing enhanced physical performance. Neuromuscular training techniques play an integral part in reducing pain, and improving mobility, motor coordination, speed, and agility needed for progressing to higher levels of functional activity.

Lecture combined with ample hands on lab sessions will take the clinician through a graded treatment progression addressing the affects of chronic pain, improving mobility, building a stable core, and progressing to dynamic functional mobility programs for the aging client. Improving functional outcomes in all specific G-coding categories will be reviewed and will include examples of documentation and coding of skilled services.

Category: Geriatric PT continuing education course, physical therapy continuing education course, occupational therapy continuing education course

Professional Attendance: This continuing medical education course is applicable for physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

  • Describe the normal aging process, common functional challenges that affect the aging client, and physiological changes that can be slowed or prevented using therapeutic approaches.
  • Assess functional limitations using normative data comparisons and to choose treatment options that can best address the aging individual’s needs.
  • Explain the neuro-physiological effects of long-term pain, it’s affect on function over time, and how neurological principles can be applied to help reverse these processes.
  • Present with enhanced manual skills and treatment approaches to enhance neuroplastic changes, pain-free movement patterns, and allow for progression of functional improvement.
  • Utilize hands-on treatment techniques to address soft tissue changes limiting function and improve freedom of ROM to allow for more efficient functional movement.
  • Develop and apply progressive exercise protocols to enhance core stability, gait dynamics, and UE function to achieve improved functional outcomes in the 4 specific PT/OT G coding categories.
  • Improve expertise in coding and documentation supporting justification and treatment choices for the aging client

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    Geriatric Pain and Mobility









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