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This e-learning course delivered online with a DVD supplement represents current approached to evaluating, treating a patient with spinal cord injury. Unique to this course are two actual spinal cord injury patients that demonstrate key mobility and transfer techniques. This not only provides the learner with real life examples of the techniques but conveys how a therapist can achieve success in improving the quality of life of SCI patient. Selina Morgan ATP, PT narrates and demonstrates the film and correlates the written information to provide the most detail for each technique. This video portion of the course was filmed in a manner which allows complete focus on the material without background distractions. Behind all the evidenced based information is an educator, Selina Morgan, who conveys her twenty years of experience and passion treating SCI patients.

Director's Overview: My goal in creating this film was to find the top therapist in the U.S. treating Spinal Cord Injury. I felt the key to making a great film was to have actual SCI patients performing the techniques. While this made the filming a challenge at times, I believe we captured the courage and inner strength of these two young talented ladies. What amazed me during the filming process was the impact that a therapist has on a SCI patient beyond just therapy. They provide a road map to independence which is more than just teachings them to transfer from their wheelchair. My hope is that your SCI patients can see this film and gain confidence and hope in their ability to achieve mobility and a better quality life. Enjoy this work and I sincerely hope that more SCI patients will benefit from our effort! Tom V

  • Compare the differences between the ASIA motor exam and manual muscle testing.
  • Identify the pitfalls of only using the ASIA exam for SCI evaluation.
  • Understand the challenges of applying standardized manual muscle testing to the spinal cord injured patient.
  • Identify incomplete spinal cord injury characteristics via deductive reasoning following a sensorimotor exam.
  • Identify key components to the therapy evaluation including:
  • a. Modified manual muscle test vs the ASIA assessment
    b. Sensory testing
    c. Functional skill elements and indications for treatment planning.
    d. Discuss goal setting and therapy techniques as they relate to various functional levels of injury.
  • Observe and practice patient handling techniques in a lab setting including:
  • a. Transfer training and progressions
    b. Bed mobility training and progressions
    c. Conventional model gait training and progressions
    d. Positioning for mechanical advantage to encourage optimal strengthening and facilitation
  • Observe and understand of the basic manual wheelchair components and benefits for gravity assisted positioning for task performance.

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The DVD contains videos presented in chapter sequence as well as an interactive menu system for detailed viewing and study of each video segment. The online course includes the movies on the DVD as well as written content, medical illustrations and animations

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Professional DVD features


  • A unique educational program featuring a paraplegic and a quadriplegic performing specific rehab activities. A great resource for treating SCI.
  • Patient demonstration with narration of patient transfers, mobility exercises, wheelchair related activity, powder board and brace utilization.
  • Manual Muscle Tesing explored in detail using ASIA testing standards.
  • Wheelchair measurement, positioning and feature discussion.

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    SCI video SCI Video

    Short video samples are provided to illustrate movie quality, not to demonstrate any technique or procedure

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    Selina Morgan, PT, ATP, graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in health education in 1984, and the University of Texas Health Science Center in Dallas, School of Physical Therapy in 1986. She is actively involved in the physical rehabilitation of neurologically compromised patients with special interest in spinal cord injury and assistive technology. She has held offices in: The National Spinal Cord Injury Association-South Texas Chapter, the adhoc committee to improve handicap accessibility in San Antonio and the access planning committee of the Alamo Dome. Selina first gained teaching experience through her faculty position at the Texas Tech School of Physical Therapy in 1995. She continues to teach in areas of spinal cord injury, seating/mobility and assistive technology at the University of Texas Health and Science Center (schools of PT and OT) and the Army/Navy Baylor School of Physical Therapy at Fort Sam Houston. Selina has received credentials through RESNA as an assistive technology practitioner since 2003.